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Reputation management

Reputation and trust: a company’s most important assets, and must be handled carefully. That is especially true today, as we operate in a tumultuous global business environment, face an increasingly demanding, well-informed stakeholders, and grapple with the latest stage of the digital revolution.

Executive positioning

As the shift from a shareholder to stakeholder society continues, business executives are not meeting the  expectations of an ever-widening audience. Working with business leaders for many year, we have a relationship-driven approach to executive positioning.

Multicultural engagement

In this new era of transparency, hyper connectivity and multiple spheres of shared influence, our approach to multicultural engagement delivers our clients increases in both audience reach and resonance to drive real impact.

Creative newsroom

Memorable stories are the connective power that brings people together. We believe that great storytelling and the ability to consistently generate high-quality, relevant, engaging content can be a powerful differentiator.

Media relations

Cross-media storytelling is our approach for telling clients’ stories in a complex media environment. Corporate stories need to be told in an integrated and holistic way considering dynamics and targets all four media types: traditional, hybrid, social and owned.

Start-up development

Start-ups benefit from tailored attention to address specific circumstances and opportunities. We conduct intensive sessions focused on storytelling, launching products and building communities, and also provide bespoke support for specific projects such as pitching stories to press, briefings or announcement planning.


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